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Looking for recs

I love d/s fics! Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I'm not looking for anything too specific as long as it fits the general theme.

A Question from a Returning Player

I started Neopets around 2002, but after a very long hiatus, I've decided to come back and start playing seriously. One of the things I want to do this time is restocking, which I did a couple of times before. However, now I notice something strange: Before, everyone was all about "speed, speed, speed!" But now, none of the shops are empty. Nor do they ever empty out. I guess it's good for me, so I can take the time to look up what is profitable and what's not. But I wonder what it means for Neopets as a whole.  Can anyone explain to me what this means? Are less people buying or what? 

Happy Birthday To me

Today is my birthday...ish. I have not done anything except for watch Julie and Julia, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Gossip Girl. And sit at this random internet bar. :p I guess I will have a real birthday party this year though. Because Charlene has come over.

Since I haven't ahad a birthday party in so long, does it mean I get extra birthday presents?

Here was my original list:

- DS flascart
- Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce cologne

I panicked since it was so short, but since then it has been amended with:

- Kaworu costume (especially the wig!!!!)
- A keffiyeh
- A nice trench coat
- Books...?
- Finding out how to wear more than a shirt and pants



So, it's been like...10 years since I first got into Final Fantasy. I don't remember, lol. Anyways, despite the complaints about "fruity-looking" characters in the series, it really is pretty straight. Must be my childhood. But look:

Final Fantasy: No real characters
Final Fantasy II: Actually, this is the one FF I really didn't read about
Final Fantasy III: I lied. I didn't read this one either. But it didn't have real characters either.
Final Fantasy IV: This one is actually different. I mean, didn't they have brains to solve their love triangle problem? Also, one-sided Golbez/Cecil FTW lololol.
Final Fantasy V: Bartz/Faris is fine, but there are no other characters.
Final Fantasy VI: The main character is a girl! Ewww
Final Fantasy VII: I clicked on the story with the most characters in it. Now I can't make a decision. But half of it is straight, right? Half!!!
Final Fantasy VIII: I guess there's Squall/Seifer, but it doesn't seem appealing. The entire game doesn't seem appealing.
Final Fantasy IX: Kuja/Zidane!!!! Actually, Zidane/Garnet is still better.
Final Fantasy X: What other pairing is there? No, really.

I wish I could type coherently though. But that was fun.
I've had such a wonderful day! I kind of spent a bunch of time just sitting around waiting for my aunt and uncle to shop, but I got to go to Pac Sun, and I got free jeans that fit! Then I went out for dim sum and it was so good! Curry + cuttlefish = genius! I think I'm going to have to put off visiting Chicago and Northwestern until Monday, lol.


All I Need, (1/?)

Happy Christmas guys! Or whatever winter solstice holiday you celebrate.

All I Need
Series: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG (This part)
Beta: Thanks tsukinofaerii , ellyr_in_ink , and jazzypom 
Summary: After being tried for his actions involving the SHRA, Tony is forced under house arrest. But he's not a prisoner in his own home. Instead, he has to live with Steve.

(Hold that smile, that's all I need)

Fic: All I Need (1/?)

Title: All I Need
Series: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: PG (This part)
Beta: Thanks tsukinofaerii , ellyr_in_ink , and jazzypom 
Summary: After being tried for his actions involving the SHRA, Tony is forced under house arrest. But he's not a prisoner in his own home. Instead, he has to live with Steve.


Hold that smile, that''s all I needCollapse )

A/N: Loved it? Hated it? Comments about my fic are very much appreciated!

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001 002 003

Why my story is not sexual (Yet)

The most ironic thing is that when I was writing my story is that I thought, "there's not enough sexual tension!" For two guys that are supposed to be kinda-sorta sexually attracted to each other, NOTHING happens in my writing. Nope, no comments on appearances or embarrassing reactions. Definitely part of this is my repressive readership, but it's probably mostly a "muddled, confused liminal view of sexuality from someone who does not understand nor try to acknowledge the entire depth of the matter." It isn't realistic, nor relevant, but that was it: "There's no sexual tension here!"

What I didn't expect was when I got my story back were the words "yaoi!" etched in indelible black ink on the pure white paper sheeting, disfiguring the words like an awful scar (hm...). In other words, everyone who read my story thought it was "gay gay gay gay gay!!!"

Now, I guess I do write some questionable stuff with my "confused, liminal view of sexuality." But this says a lot about the contemporary (read: my classmates') attitude on sexuality. There's the obvious homophobia (obligatory groan so you don't have to tell me about it), but there's also a reflection about how intimacy is automatically taken to be sexual in nature.

I suppose I should've seen it coming when I decided to tell people about my wonderful story in the first place. "There's a guy named Tony who has to live with his friend Steve forever!" Maybe a quarter of the responses I got back were, "Why do they have to live with each other?" Far more common was, "ARE THEY GAY???"

So, Steve and Tony were close friends (not as if the readers know that), and they've been through a lot together, so they're bound to be more comfortable with each other than the typical same-gender best buddies, like not acting like insecure middle schoolers when having to share the bed with each other ("Let's see what Steve and Tony do in bed with each other!!!"). And all of this is taken to be read as "zomg they want each other!" I'm glad that they can see the HoYay at least.

But actually, this goes way beyond my classmates.

So, I like slash and stuff. It's cute. But do I think it's canon? No, we can save that for fanfiction. But I don't understand it when I see so many people go, "They're totally jumping each other like rabbits behind the scenes!" Is some non-sexual touching really reflective of people's sexuality? But that's another topic for "later."

Oh, it's just me and my "muddle, confused liminal view of sexuality again."

I'm going to have to write a more coherent "treatise" on this later.

P.S. Hey classmate, Steve getting a girlfriend wouldn't rule out anything between them. Yeah guys, try to wrap your minds around that.


Oct. 31st, 2009

While I was playing Princess Maker 2 pretending to be Otacon pretending to be Snake raising a daughter, my computer crashed. Thankfully, my dad is a real computer genius, so I have all of my files on my comptuer back and I just need to reinstall everything.

Well, not quite.

The thing is, my files are still here. But since I left them on my desktop, my computer has the stupidest permission settings ever and won't let me reacess them. I'm not too sure what to do about that, but I guess I'll find something. Also, my sound driver still doesn't exist. So no music, but I have nothing to listen to anyways.

I'm writing this on IE6 (that's from a long time ago!), so here's everything I need to reinstall:

Last.fm (but not before getting my sound back)
DOS box and D-box (so I can continue my game of Princess Maker 2, which still exists!)
u Torrent

But probably not my games. I think I still have lots of the original install files though.

I don't know about the rest.

I guess it will be a pain to reinstall so many things, but at least my computer really is virus-free now (I would hope), so my anti-virus software will really work. And I think I can try to install Vocaloid again.